Looking for fun Corporate Entertainment For your next Company event?

Meet Rodney Rash- a Comedy stage hypnotist and magician. Rodney’s fast-paced performances are sure to put a smile on everyone at your next company party, hospitality suite or special event.

Rodney’s Stage Comedy Hypnosis show will be a captivating conclusion to any event and his fast pasted comedy magic show will be an amazing hit with your audiences. And of course, all the programs are clean safe and fun for everyone involved in the program.

If you are feeling like a mystery, look at our murder mystery, Murder byMagic. This isn’t your ordinary murder mystery show! It is filled with magic, unbelievable mind reading, and unexplained phenomena. It’s a fun twist to a classic murder mystery this show is not your traditional murder mystery.


Comedy Hypnosis show- This stage hypnosis show is the perfect show for outgoing groups that are looking for a show that will deliver a lifetime of memories. Recommended for groups of 100 or more, this show will leave everyone laughing and talking about the show for years.

Murder By Magic – An unbelievable murder mystery show: the Murder by Magic show is a perfect after dinner performance recommended for groups of 20 to 250 people. If you’re looking for a show that will get everyone involved and wondering who done it?… this lighthearted comedy mind reading show is the perfect entertainment solution.

Comedy Magic show- This fast-paced 45 minute after dinner ‘nightclub style’ show is perfect if you enjoy seeing people from the audience helping onstage or key members of the organization becoming the star of the show. It’s the perfect show for groups of 25 to 400 people.

Strolling Magic- Strolling magic is perfect for pre-dinner show entertainment or social hour entertainment. These amazing mini magic shows are performed up close and personal at your dinner guest’s tables or standing in a social gathering environment. It’s the perfect icebreaker to get people talking and involved in the fun.

Hospitality suite entertainment- If you’re hosting a hospitality suite, then you need entertainment that will engage your customers or guests to get them talking, laughing, and relaxed. Tricks can be customized to deliver any special message that you would like delivered. Whether you need one magician to cover your event or several, I can provide the solution for you.