Magician Rodney Rash performs for company party

Make your next event Unforgettable with comedy hypnosis shows that make you say WOW!

Comedy magic and hypnosis shows that make you say wow ! You will believe that Rodney Rash can really read your mind with unbelievable mind reading magic and his comedy stage hypnosis show will leave you laughing with a lifetime of memories.

What really makes an event unforgettable?

Quality entertainment that gets everyone involved and keeps them laughing is the key to my dynamic and impressive event. My magic is a dynamic blend of comedy magic and mind reading that will make them say WOW! A comedy stage hypnosis show is a unique experience for both the audience members and those who choose to participate on stage. There is no other entertainment like it.

Comedy Hypnosis

During the show volunteers will experience the most relaxing experience of their live as we take them on an imaginary journey. Yes volunteers believe they are celebrity superstars, speak foreign languages ( such as ‘Martian’ ) believe they are vacationing on the beach, forget their names- almost any where their imagination will take them.

Murder Mystery Theater

This murder mystery is the perfect show for small to medium groups.  Unlike most who done it shows, this show will lead the audience down a path of comedy, amazing mind-reading, magic, and spooky phenomenons.  The final reveal of the murder will seem impossible.