murder mystery

Murder By Magic

Murder by magic is definitely not your average murder mystery show. Yes, it involves audience participation, a strange sense of humor, and the reveal of one of your audience members as the murderer. And of course like all murder mysteries, the program has lots of humor and wittiness. What really sets ‘Murder by Magic’ apart from other murder mystery shows is the comedy magic and mind reading performed during the show.

This show is the perfect banquet or after-dinner event. Your guests will be involved in the fun of solving the mystery in a most unusual manner. Magician Rodney Rash takes the audience through a funny twisted plot of a murder mystery while solving the crime using comedy magic and unbelievable mind reading. This show will not only leave your audience wondering whodunit, but how Rodney did it.

Features of ‘Murder by Magic’

Comedy Magic

Everyone loves to laugh , so when you throw in unbelievable magic with funny situation comedy, it sets this show apart from all other murder mysteries

Unbelievable Mind Reading

The mind reading astonishes everyone and ultimately reveals the murder. It’s as if Rodney can pull the thoughts right out of the audience member’s minds as he demonstrates this uncanny ability throughout the program.

Quirky Murder Mystery Plot

This murder mystery plot is just fun. Every audience member will get involved in the fun trying to solve the mystery and figure out the magic and mind reading.

Murder by magic is perfect for corporate and private events providing an imaginative blend of theater, magic and mystery. The show is highly recommended for groups who are looking for something very unique and fun for their next special program.