Corporate Training and Keynote

Rapid Rapport Building in 91 seconds or less

Whether leading a team, selling products and services, networking, brainstorming or delivering a presentation, success in business depends on connecting with other people. Rodney Rash, a master NLP practitioner and Master Hypnotist, now brings his system of forging instant long lasting relationships to the world of business. Beginning with the simplest of tools (face, body, attitude, and voice) he shows how to make an instant first impression, identify a person’s primary communication style to effectively speak their communication language and connect in the first critical 90 seconds, and how to master the people-to-people skills that are essential to self-confident, effective, ongoing communication.

An individual’s ability to bring creativity and innovative ideas to your organization is more important than ever. Having the ability to communicate these ideas effectively and build rapport with others is an ever increasing critical skill among teams. The ability to communicate and network is paramount to success in today’s work environment. This program teaches ways to identify the primary communication styles of individuals and presents effective tools to build rapid and long lasting rapport with others.

The program concludes with a hypnosis show, demonstrating these rapid rapport building techniques and communication styles. This funny and unbelievable presentation will clarify all the points made during the presentation and shows the power of our words and their influence. The complete program will uplift your team, have them laughing and wanting more, and will effectively deliver a new understanding of communication skills they can apply immediately to their professional and personal lives.