Comedy Hypnosis show

A night of memory that will last a lifetime

  Are you Ready to be hypnotized? You will laugh out loud at this unbelievable comedy hypnosis show with master hypnotist Rodney Rash. Hypnosis shows are like no other shows. People have told me, “I wouldn’t have believed it was true if I didn’t personally know the person that was hypnotized!” Hypnosis is a completely unique experience for the volunteers and the audience members watching. This is the show your guests will be talking about for a long, long time. So what is a Hypnosis show? If you have never watched a stage hypnosis show live, it is an unlivable demonstration of the power of relaxation and suggestion on the mind when the volunteers on stage tune out the conscious world and open up their imagination and bring out their true personalities under the influence of the hypnotist. If you have ever watched or participated in a hypnosis show, then you know just how funny and unbelievable these show can be. During the show volunteers will experience the most relaxing experience of their live as we take them on an imaginary journey. Yes volunteers believe they are celebrity superstars, speak foreign languages ( such as ‘Martian’ ) believe they are vacationing on the beach, forget their names- almost any where their imagination will take them. The show brings out the personalities of everyone on stage in a funny and engaging way and no one is ever embarrassed. The volunteers are treated with total respect as they become the stars of the show. The audience volunteers are the stars of this show. This show is all about having fun. I make sure all volunteers on-stage have a positive experience and are treated with respect. They are continually made to feel as though they are the stars of the show!!! Recommended for groups of 100 or more, this show will leave everyone laughing and talking about the show for years. Comedy Hypnosis is the perfect show for outgoing groups that are looking for a show that will deliver a lifetime of memories. Key Benefits 1. Clean Humor-You’ll be thrilled as you hear your guests laugh and see all the smiles during my very funny presentations. 2. More Audience Participation- Your key executives, employees and guests are the real stars of my programs. This makes your event much more fun for everyone! 3. An Amazing Show- There is nothing quite likes a hypnosis show. This show offers a lifetime of memories.